May 7, 2008

Green with envy

Maybe it’s my green eyes, but lately, I can’t stop seeing green. Seems as if envy has gotten me by the back of my neck with no plans of letting go.

And I’m realizing that it’s true what they say about it being a cancer of the mind, eating away at you until you can’t even distinguish fact from fiction anymore.

I found this passage online as I was desperately searching for tips to overcome this thing.

“Jealousy is simply and clearly the fear that you do not have value. Jealousy scans for evidence to prove the point - that others will be preferred and rewarded more than you. There is only one alternative - self-value. If you cannot love yourself, you will not believe that you are loved. You will always think it's a mistake or luck. Take your eyes off others and turn the scanner within. Find the seeds of your jealousy, clear the old voices and experiences. Put all the energy into building your personal and emotional security. Then you will be the one others envy, and you can remember the pain and reach out to them.”

I’m now on a mission to build my personal and emotional security at any cost. I can’t let this thing ruin the relationships that mean the most to me.

If you have any helpful advice, I’m all ears.

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yx said...

Ah jealousy--my old friend.

That quote is great!

Read the four agreements and the mastery of love!