June 5, 2008

Four reasons

Four reasons why yesterday started off as a bad day.

1. I misbalanced my checking account and had to pay a $33 overdraft fee.
2. Thanks to the sunburn I got this weekend, my face was peeling horrendously and I looked like I had a beard.
3. I got cranberry juice on one of my favorite light blue work shirts. It doesn’t look like it’s coming out.
4. I realized I needed to buy a plane ticket to Spokane for July, and it was going to cost me over $300. My bank account felt sick.

Four reasons why yesterday ended on a high note.

1. I bought two really cute dresses from Forever 21. Even though my bank account felt sick, I felt happy.
2. I did some much-needed summer cleaning, which included throwing away an old VCR. I’ve never thrown a VCR into a dumpster before. It was highly satisfying.
3. I had the most amazing homemade hamburger for dinner, complete with onions, melted cheese and bbq sauce.
4. The Real World came on. And I realized that no matter how bad my day was, it wasn’t as bad as Joey’s.

I wanted to leave you guys with a question today: Vanity license plates? A do or a don’t?

I’m leaning toward a don’t. (No offense if you have one, or if the photo above is your car.)


Anonymous said...

What about University license plates? Those are sweet! Not only are you showing school spirit but part of the proceeds are donated to the school. What do you think?

alisha said...

I had a Lisha 1 license plate for years and loved it....

the downfall? You can NEVER inconspicuously scope out someone's house/whereabouts. They will always know it's you! :)

Someday i'll have a plate that says "Packfan" or "Chzhead" or something like that. I think it's so fun!

Tish said...

I saw a license plate the other day that said T-91. I wondered if it was an old dedicated REC employee. lol.