June 4, 2008

Life lessons over lasagna

My boyfriend said something amazingly sweet the other night that I can’t stop thinking about. We were out to dinner, and we were talking about people who are dramatic.

“You’re dramatic,” he said.

“You think I’m dramatic?” I asked.

“Well, maybe not dramatic,” he corrected himself. “I think you’re emotional.”

“I am emotional,” I admitted. “But it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It might seem like it’s a bad thing when I’m feeling sad or mad, but what about when I’m feeling happy? I’m a really caring, kind person and I’m good at showing love, and that’s a good thing.”

“Oh, I know,” he said, totally honest. “That’s why I would never want you to change. I love that you’re emotional. Even though I don’t like it when you’re really sad or upset, I love that you get so excited and really happy about things. I wouldn’t want you to be unemotional. I wouldn’t want you to be any different than you are.”

Aww, I know, so sweet it'll give you a cavity. But seriously, I was so taken aback by his response that I didn’t even know what to say. It’s funny how even though I was (shamelessly) defending myself and my emotions, I didn’t really believe what I was saying until he agreed with me. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. But I do know that hearing him agree with me freed me from a little bit of the self judgment that’s been plaguing me lately, and that feels really nice.

So, my lessons for the day: Am I emotional? Yes. Is that a bad thing? No. Could it be true that some of the things we don’t like about ourselves are the things that other people love? Totally. Should we commit to looking for the silver lining in all of our shortcomings? You betcha.

Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone!

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alisha said...

great post, reese!

Isnt it wonderful to find out that you're loved for all that you are?

Sounds like you may have found yourself a keeper!

Have a great Thursday!