July 29, 2008

Love over food

I’m not sure how many of you have ever browsed my list of favorite blogs, but if you have, you may have stumbled upon Orangette, a blog about food. I found Orangette through Blogger’s Blogs of Note one day when I needed a little midday distraction, and I immediately fell in love with Molly Wizenberg’s writing style and recipes, even though I’m pretty much a disaster in the kitchen and would never attempt to cook one on my own.

Then, after about a month of reading Orangette, I started getting Bon Appetit magazine in the mail, courtesy of my unused and about-to-expire Continental Airlines miles. Again, I don’t really cook, but I do like to look at all the pretty pictures of the food, and one day, while doing just that, I was delighted to find that Molly had a column in Bon Appetit. (It is, indeed, a small world, er blogosphere, after all.)

Anyway, all of that to say that I am an avid fan of Orangette and Molly, which means I’m also an avid fan of Molly’s husband, Brandon, who she writes about from time to time, which is precisely why I was so enamored by today’s post about their wedding anniversary. Since I became a reader only recently, I totally missed the fact that the two of them met through the blog, a story that I happen to find completely and totally romantic. A few quick clicks here and there, and I had gone back in time from their first date to their wedding celebration (like little time capsules, these blogs), and I must say, it all made me sort of gooey inside.

So, if you find that your Tuesday is not going by fast enough and you’re in need of a little midday distraction or you just need a little love in your day, I encourage you to take a few minutes to read about the first date, the proposal, the wedding and the anniversary.


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Anonymous said...

My boyfriend and I met over my blog too. It was more weird than romantic :)