August 4, 2008

A whole bunch of nothingness

It was Saturday afternoon, the apartment was hot and my sister and I were restless. We decided to take a walk down to the Third Street Promenade and see what was going on. The following conversation occurred somewhere between 6th and 3rd.

Me – “Look at that big fat squirrel up there on that post eating!”

My sister – “Oh, wow. Look at him. He’s so into his food. You know, I feel like that’s all squirrels do is eat all day.”

Me – “Well, I guess that is what animals do: eat, sleep and mate.”

My sister – “True. Actually, I think that’s what we do all day, too.”

Me – “No way, we do way more than that. We do things for entertainment like play games and go to the movies.”

My sister (looking at me like I was the world’s biggest idiot) – “Well, squirrels can’t go to the movies!”

I don’t know why the above conversation cracked me up so much, but it still makes me laugh just typing it. It was so random, just like my weekend. Two days full of a whole bunch of nothing at first glance, and yet, upon further perusal, two days strung together by fun little things like Goodwill shopping sprees, scoops of gelato, hours and hours of the XGames, new neighbors, shared meals, tie dyed t-shirts and one big plate of bacon.

While some would say it’s boring to do nothing, I must admit I quite enjoyed my weekend of nothingness. After all, when you’re busy, there’s never any time to stop and talk about the squirrels.

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