October 24, 2008

Writer's Block

Ok, I have to confess, I’ve been staring at a blank word doc for the past 20 minutes and can’t think of a single thing to write about.

First, I wanted to write about Fall, but then I remembered it’s 90 degrees in LA today and doesn’t feel like fall at all. Then, I thought I’d write about the upcoming weekend with my mom who’s visiting from Texas, but I realized we’re really not doing anything blog-worthy. Then, it briefly crossed my mind to write a post filled with Excel tips, since that seems to have become my day-to-day, but I fear if I did that I’d lose even my most loyal of readers.

So, here I sit, with a nice chunk of time to write and nothing at all to write about.

I’m pretty sure it’s the career change that’s sent my muse packing. This world of numbers and PowerPoint presentations and html emails and Excel reports is quite different from anything I’ve ever done, and while I love it, it’s taking every bit of my mental energy, winding me up all day and spitting me out a worthless blob of goo at twilight (or after).

You see, it’s always been a point of contention with me: Am I a creative person or not? While that question is an easy one for some, it’s not really for me. Yes, I have a creative side - a melodramatic, uber passionate, totally insane creative side, but I’m also very analytical and organized and detail-oriented, things most creatives aren’t.

What I wanted to learn by making a career change was: Would I be happier in a more analytical position? And I’m happy to report that five weeks in, I am. However, it seems my muse is not.

Who knows, maybe she’s tired of me stuffing her key points between bold tags.

Or maybe she’s scared of elevators.

Or maybe she’s just gone on vacation.

I suppose we’ll see. In the meantime, this is (sadly) all I have to offer.

Enjoy your weekends!


yx said...

I'm keeping a running list of blog ideas but that's all I have...ideas...and a slow internet connection.

Mr. Kale Iverson said...

I think the best blog posts start out talking about ow there really is nothing to write about...the trick is you just have to keep on typing past the seemingly inane parts of your life till you get to the good gooy center of it all.

From one of you loyal readers who misses your muse too!

Jessica said...

you, my darling, are one of the most creative people I know. the organized part just expands your creativity.

Enjoyed the post.