November 19, 2008

Visions of sweet potatoes...

I can’t believe it’s almost Thanksgiving, and not just any Thanksgiving, but my very first Thanksgiving, as in the first Thanksgiving I’ve ever hosted at my apartment.

The first year I lived in California, I had Thanksgiving with a friend and her hilariously funny family. We sat around a table and talked about Sideways while we drank wine, ate turkey and laughed until our stomachs hurt. The second year I lived here, I went to Vegas for Thanksgiving, and while it might sound icky at first, it was magical, with plenty of food and football and fun to go around.

But this year there are no plans to join another’s family or to load up the car and get out of dodge. Nope, this year I’m doing it the old fashioned way with two of my very favorite people, and I must say, I’m both excited and nervous about it.

Thanksgiving is probably my second favorite holiday. Or maybe third. But favorites aside, I love Thanksgiving for all the little reasons that one should love a holiday. Not because you get presents (Christmas) or candy (Easter) or cake (birthdays), but because of the smells, the habits, the traditions.

I love Thanksgiving because of the way the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade sounds in the background while I blow dry my hair, because of the way my arms always get tired smashing the sweet potatoes and because of the way my eyelids get heavy after serving number two. I love Thanksgiving because everyone watches the game, even if they don’t like football and because everyone dresses up, even if they’re not leaving the house. I love the sound of the oven timer, the smell of melting marshmallows and the taste of turkey and dressing, and last but not least, I love that my sister will unfailingly force us to go around the table and say what we’re thankful for, because really, isn’t that what it’s all about?

And so, because I love it and because it’s my first as a hostess and because I have so many things to be thankful for, I’ve decided to pull out all the stops.

Here’s what’s on the agenda so far:
Sweet potatoes
Macaroni and cheese
Green bean casserole
Deviled eggs
Vegetables and dip
Stuffed jalapenos
Lemon meringue pie
Chocolate bunt cake
Pumpkin pie

Am I forgetting anything?


Susan Iverson said...

The photo you posted has mashed potatoes, don't you have to have mashed potatoes and gravy? And what about cranberries? It's also fun to figure out a different wine with each ingredient. Your holiday sounds as if it will be perfect! I remember my first one, serving a mother-in-law who spent her entire life perfecting the art of cooking. As I recall, for all the worrying, it went off without a hitch and so will yours.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i agree that we need some cranberry sauce. i forgot about that!


yx said...

Your plans sound incredible and warm and fuzzy...