November 5, 2008

Presidents and peanut butter cookies

Standing in my living room, a glass of wine in one hand and a peanut butter cookie in the other, I watched with anxious excitement as Barack Obama was announced President Elect.

I didn’t vote in this election. I simply didn’t feel passionate about either candidate. So, the feeling I had standing there in my living room wasn’t one of victory or loss - rather it was the spine-tingling feeling of being a part of history at the very moment it was being made.

I took note of the exact spot I was standing in. The clothes I was wearing. The way the room smelled.

I wanted to remember it all.

There aren’t many times in life when you know you’re living in a historic moment while you’re living in it, and when it does happen, it really is the neatest feeling – reminding us that no matter if we’re happy or sad with the outcome of the election, our country will be ok. She has had her ups and downs - her triumphs and her defeats - and she has continued to prosper, to persevere and to protect. She’s a resilient old broad, that faithful lady America, and we’d all do well to take some lessons from her strength, her courage and her eternal hope.

Here’s to the future.

To hope.

To change.


yx said...

What the heck are you talking about "being a part of history" ???

You didn't even vote!

Reese-E said...

maybe i should clarify, i meant i realized i was living in a historical moment. you don't have to take part in things directly (9/11) to realize you are living in a historical moment.