November 25, 2008


I just can’t officially celebrate Thanksgiving without making a list of all the things I’m thankful for. So, without further ado, this year I am thankful for:

my wonderful sister and the fact that she moved to California and lives with me in my apartment

my amazing boyfriend and the fact that he lives just down the alley from me

my awesome parents and the fact that my mom came to LA and cooked me a month’s worth of homemade meals

my job that I absolutely love and the fact that I found a good one when so many people can’t

good health for me and all the people in my life

good friends who make a point of staying in touch even when we’re all too busy

Good Morning America and the fun that comes with waking up to Robin, Chris, Sam and Diane every morning

Starbucks red cups and the smile they put on my face every time I see one

my beautiful apartment in Santa Monica, my favorite city in LA

country music and the way it gets my feet tapping

Gossip Girl (and all good TV)

my new black boots (and my brown ones when they finally get here)

always having enough money for milk (sometimes two gallons a week!)

pumpkin spice candles and the way they make any apartment super cozy

dessert (every night!)

Cougar basketball

my new warm and fuzzy slipper boots

Sunday dinners



holiday travel

Have you made your list yet?

1 comment:

YJ said...

Charisse, you have such a positive attitude towards life. That's probably why you have so much to be thankful for!! =)