August 12, 2009

Wrapping Things Up

It's just about that time. Tomorrow is my 28th birthday, which means a new list - YAY! - but also means I've run out of time to complete last year's. After a quick count, looks like there are 8 things I didn't get to. As someone who likes to finish what she starts, I'm a little disappointed in myself - but, in the spirit of fun (and keeping fun from turning into obligation), I'm deciding that it just doesn't matter. There's always next year, and there's no rule against finishing it then, right? Right!

I must say, looking back on the past year, the birthday list really did play a big part in my life. In fact, some of my favorite memories were things from the list, and the people I've met, places I've been and new things I've fallen in love with because of the list will always stay with me.

I'm excited for this year's list - and more than that, I'm excited for all the fun that will come with crossing each item off. What can I say, I've always loved lists - and birthday lists top the list of fun lists for me.

Check back tomorrow to see the new list (and to wish me a happy 28th, of course).

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