August 13, 2009

28 things to do before I turn 29

1. Play chess on the Santa Monica beach chess tables
2. Go to a play (done)
3. Get at least one stamp in my passport (done)
4. Start a one-sentence journal (done)5. Eat more veggies (done)
6. Read one self-help book & one biography (done)
7. Go rollerblading with Mason
8. Ride a horse (done)
9. Find the perfect piece of art to hang over my dresser (and, if possible, find a new dresser) (done)
10. Eat dinner at Medieval Times
11. Take more walks (done)
12. Start saving for my very own Jonathan Adler piece (done)
13. Treat Brianne to a Sprinkles cupcake (done)
14. Go on a staycation
15. Enroll in a class (any class) (done)
16. Play tennis on the Wilshire courts
17. Bake oatmeal chocolate chip cookies – from scratch (done)
18. Grow my own herb garden (done)
19. Frame the print Mason got me (done)
20. Take Cajun for a walk (done)21. Check out the Rose Bowl Flea Market (done)
22. Go to a Santa Monica High School football game (done)
23. Send someone a surprise (done)
24. Finish the first list
25. Cook something of Molly’s
26. Wake up earlier (done)
27. Splurge on a new bike – preferably a green one (done)
28. Celebrate my 28th at Cowboy Country


Anonymous said...

That's a great list. One almost down.

alisha said...


Susan Iverson said...

Where is "Going to a Cougar Football game in Pullman, Washington"? You really need to do that sometime. Homecoming is October 14th.
Happy Birthday. Hope I get to meet you someday.

Sammy said...


Have you seen Cable Guy??!! hahaha

Sydney needs a Medievel Times... Pronto!

Natasha said...

If you want a staycation, keep an eye on the Huntley in Santa Monica ... They have GREAT specials where you stay two nights you get the third free and a 100-200 dollar dining credit at the penthouse ... even though the hotel itself is pretty expensive, when they feature that special it works out to something like 150 a night - we've done it a couple of times and we just live down the street. It's a different way to experience SM :)