August 10, 2010

#2 and #2

In between unpacking, cleaning out, organizing, rearranging and generally settling into married life, I've also been frantically working on the current birthday list (and coming up with ideas for the new one, to be posted on Friday). A few completed items below:

#2 - Go to a play

Rent at the Hollywood Bowl was amazing. We brought wine and cheese and crackers and Vannessa Hudgins and cast brought the story to life. It was my first trip to the Hollywood Bowl (which is AMAZING in this completely classy, artsy kind of way), as well as my first time seeing Rent performed live on stage (which was FANTASTIC and so moving). (Pardon the blurry images - I didn't want to bother everyone with my flash.)

#2 (on the first list) - Visit San Francisco

This one is sort of cheating, but gets me toward completing #24 on the current list, which is to finish the first list. So confusing, I know. Anyway, what I saw of San Francisco from inside the airport on my way from Cabo to Idaho was nice (check out that fancy mural!). We browsed the gift shop, got a coffee, and ate Ceaser salads, and although I really want to go back for a much longer period of time at some point, I'm totally letting this count for now.

Stay tuned for more completed items off the list in the next couple of days!

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