March 12, 2010

A Cookie For You (And #23)

I knew I wanted to do something special to ask my bridesmaids if they would do me the honor of being my bridesmaids, but it took me a little while to figure out exactly what I had in mind. After a week or so of Google searching and mulling it over, and I decided on cookies from The Flower Pot.

The customizable "Will you be my bridesmaid?" dress cookies and the polka dot boxes they come in are so cute that I simply couldn't resist. I had each cookie delivered to the maids' work addresses, and waited (im)patiently until each one recieved her little surprise. (pictured below)

I'm now happy to report that each one said yes, and they all LOVED the gifts. Now we're on to more pressing matters: bridesmaid dresses. I'll keep you updated on the search!

In the meantime, if you run into any super cute, yellow/green/navy dresses, feel free to leave a link in the Comments!

*By the way, this sweet little gifty totally counts for Number 23 on the Birthday List!

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