March 10, 2010

Something Blue

I've noticed a trend lately of brides wearing blue shoes, and I think it's an adorable and totally creative way to incorporate "something blue" into the day. I've also seen blue necklaces and blue ribbons on bouquets, and I'd like to add something like that to my get-up, but I'm not sure if it'll blend into the scheme of things. I know some brides get blue garters, but mine is white with the WSU Cougar logo on it (Mason's choice), so no blue there.

That's why, when brainstorming about my something blue, I had a cute idea for fitting a little blue-ness into my day in an easy and simple way: blue toenails! After all, it will be the peak of summer and my shoes will most definitely be strappy (and I can't help but think they'd make for a great photo op). What do you think?

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