August 11, 2010


Can be crossed off the list. I do so wish I had a picture of this one - but unfortunately, I do not. We took Cajun for his first "walk" last fall. I use the term "walk" loosely since he didn't really walk - it was more of a squat in the grass punctuated by scared little leaps every time a car drove by or a leaf rustled. (And yes, it was funny - oh, so funny.)

The second time he spent time on his leash was when we took him home for Christmas, and this time was a little better. We let him out in the airport to run around a bit before our flight while the leash kept him nearby. However, on the way back, after two weeks of too many treats, we found that he no longer fit into his leash (which fits like a harness around his mid section). So, sadly, there have been no more walks for Cajun, and there won't be until he loses some weight - or we find a bigger leash.

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