February 18, 2010

May I be a Bee?

Because I like to blog, and because I'm already having a BLAST planning my wedding, it's not hard to figure out that I'm going to want to blog about planning my wedding, and actually, I've already found the perfect place to do just that.

I want to be a Bee over at Weddingbee, a blog written by brides for brides. (Really, how perfect can you get?) I've been a fan of Weddingbee for a while, and now that I have a ring on my finger and a date set (July 17th!!), I can officially apply. The only catch is that I first have to post 15 wedding-ish entries on my personal blog before they'll consider me.

I tell you not because I'm not excited (I can't wait to let you all in on my wedding-planning-madness), but because some of you may not want to read about wedding planning for 15 straight entries. If you fall into this category, I want to apologize sincerely and ask you to please, please, please stick with me through this! Then I promise to go back to my general life musings (which may or may not be interesting at all).

Wish me luck - that I may BE a WeddingBEE!

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