February 24, 2010

Stringing Me Along

Lately, I've seen homemade garlands popping up everywhere. Birthday garlands, Valentine's Day garlands, new baby garlands, and most importantly - wedding garlands.

I'm flying to Texas next weekend to sink my teeth into the planning process, and I'm excited to try out a few garlands of my own on my mom's sewing machine.

I definitely want to try one like this:

And possibly one like this:

I love the color and texture they add to a room, and the possibilities for where to use them are practically endless. I've seen them lining aisles and decorating food tables (as seen below), as well as hung from trees and ceilings. I'm thinking I may even want to make a special M&C one to hang above the entrance to the reception.

One of the best things about these garlands is that they're easy to use again and again. I plan to save the ones I use for the wedding and pull them out during other festive occasions throughout the years.

What do you think of these garlands? Have you ever made one? Have you seen one used in a super cute way? Give me the details!

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