March 2, 2010

Dancing to Dave

The Dave Matthews Band has been a big part of me and Mason's relationship since the beginning. My first Dave Matthews concert was at the end of my very first 10-day, whirlwind trip of Washington during the first year we were dating. (That's a lot of firsts.)

We camped in tents and soaked in the amazingness that is The Gorge and hung out with some really great people. Until then, I wasn't that big of a fan, but like many other DMB fans will tell you, seeing Dave perform live will win you over like nothing else. I've been a fan ever since.

For that reason, I suggested we consider a Dave Matthews song for our first dance as husband and wife. A friend of ours (Thanks, Heidi!) suggested a few, and so far, Steady As We Go is my favorite.

What do you think? Any other Dave Matthews suggestions?


Kale Iverson said...

Stay...its the most "gorge" like song.

And, I called mason back but he never returned my call so can you please tell your fiance to call me for details cuz I need to 411 to make plans for whatever you guys want me to do !!!!

alisha said...

I was shopping in Anchorage a few days ago and saw something in the window of a shop that made me think of you and your wedding ideas. I took a picture and would love to send it to you if you can give me your email address. If you leave it in the comments section of my blog, I can write it down, then delete that comment.