March 24, 2010

Looking Back

I know it sounds terrible to say this, but I didn't really know that much about my mom and dad's wedding until I started planning one of my own. I vaguely remembered some details, but not all of them, and the ones I did remember were very foggy. So, when I was back in Texas for my weekend of wedding planning madness, I asked questions - lots and lots of questions - and I learned that...

  • My dad proposed over dinner at a steak restaurant when my mom was still in high school
  • My mom was a BEAUTIFUL bride (check out that dress - stylish even now)
  • The main color of the wedding was baby blue because that was my dad's favorite color
  • My dad looks pretty swanky in a baby blue tuxedo
  • My grandma and the bridesmaids' moms made all of the bridesmaid dresses themselves
  • Both of my mom's parents walked her down the aisle and my dad's parents did the same
  • The wedding was very early in the morning and followed by a cake and punch reception
  • My parents were originally supposed to go to Houston for their honeymoon, but changed the location when my dad's brothers threatened to crash the party
  • Their honeymoon lasted only two days and one night because my dad had no vacation time at work. They spent that one night "night clubbing" and had a blast

My mom kept a wedding book where she wrote down all the major details from the engagement to their one year anniversary. Her descriptions are short, but hilarious and so fun to look back on. It's always crazy to think of your parents as young and excited and in love, but they certainly were.

And speaking of beautiful, check out my mom's mom on her big day below.

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