April 13, 2010

Keep Calm and Carry On

Sometimes, it just seems like the universe is trying to tell you something - and in my case, it seems I need to "keep calm and carry on."

Two weeks ago, I saw the photo above on 100 Layer Cake, and thought my-oh-my, how cute. Then, last weekend, I saw a print very similar to the one below lounging languidly outside an art store in Venice. It was blue and in a gold frame just like this one, and I gasped and said I must have that print one day.

Then, if you can even believe it, I spotted it again last night as I was walking into the courtyard of my apartment building. I looked to the left and into one of my neighbor's kitchens only to find this very print - in green - hanging above the sink.

It's always weird when stuff like that happens, and in my case, it's great advice that comes at the perfect time.

I did a little research and found out the print was actually a propaganda poster made during the beginning of World War II, but never used. You can learn more about it here if you're interested. In the meantime, keep calm and carry on - I know I sure will.


Joshua Barnett said...

Hey! "Calm". Instantly reminded me of this song.

Be Calm - by Fun.


Reese-E said...

Hey Josh! Thanks for the link! Going to listen now...