April 13, 2010

Saturday Night Crafting

Happy Tuesday, everyone. I hope the weekend was good to you. As planned, my Saturday night was spent creating the cutest wedding shower invites. (I know it's not customary to help with your own shower invites, but since my MOH is my sister AND my roommate, I couldn't resist lending a hand.)

Before I jump into the DIY details, let me start with our inspiration for the shower (which will explain the wording you see in the photo above). Just as the wedding will be laid back, fun and a bit nontraditional, I really wanted the shower to be those things as well, and with travel from LA to Texas to consider, it was important that we be as creative with timing as possible. So, we decided the shower would be held at my parents house on the Thursday night before Memorial Day weekend. Instead of the traditional shower (cake, mints, punch, bride in a chair opening gifts for hours), it'll be more of a social gathering with drinks and finger foods and plenty of mingling - perfect for catching up with people I haven't seen in a long, long time. I'm extremely excited to see how it all comes together!

With the shower theme in mind, we wanted invitations that were fun and unique, but still represented the overall feel of the wedding. We started with a booklet of solid colored, post card sized squares (available at most craft stores). Since these were pretty thick, we used them as the base for the invitations.

Next, we bought a bunch of different, patterned paper and printed the wording. We cut around the words and punched holes in both pieces of the invitation and tied them together with ribbon.

Because we had a variety of different colored paper and ribbon, each invitation is unique.

With both of us working together, creating the invitations went pretty fast. Brianne made brownies, we made an assembly line, and in a couple of hours, we had them snuggled in their envelopes.

What do you think?

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Baby Copty said...

I love them! Oh how cute! I love that they are all different. Great idea!