April 2, 2010

Maid For You

I made a big decision today - a decision that will for sure land me in bride heaven - or at least win me the undying love of all of my bridesmaids. You may have guessed it by now: I've decided to let them pick out their own dresses!

Why, you might ask? Mostly because I've tried my hardest to choose a dress that all 3 of them would love, but I keep coming up empty handed. It's important to me that each of them feels fabulous and confident and happy on my big day, and I came to the conclusion that they'd be better at choosing their perfect dress than I would.

So, I gave them some guidelines (golden yellow/at or above the knee) and sent them some links to check out (to the dresses pictured above), and I'm confident they'll each make a really great choice.

I've noticed a trend in non-matching bridesmaid dresses lately, and I must say, I like the unique details it gives to the wedding party - and pretty, happy bridesmaids make for pretty, happy pictures, right?

Check out the photos below and let me know what you think about my decision!

Thoughts? Opinons? Likes? Dislikes?


Anonymous said...

I think letting them pick out their own dresses is a GREAT decision. My sister did that for her wedding and I thought it was neat. For example she had a friend of hers who would not have looked good in the same dress that I had because of our body types. So good choice girly!!!!!

naatie425 said...

I got my dresses from twobirdsbridesmaid; the dresses all look identical but the material for the top of the dress wraps around anyway you want it for a strapless or strapped look on top. The girls got to pick which way they wanted to wear the dress and they all picked different styles.

rachel said...

i think it is a wonderful decision. my sister said to us - i trust you, go pick out whatever you would like, no restrictions. and, low and behold, we all ended up picking out dresses that matched, without even trying! orange, blue, and green, all made from similar material.

i think that it can be a chore to make someone purchase a dress they are not going to wear again. kudos!

Heidi Jean said...

for shauna's wedding we got to pick out our own dresses, it was obviously limited due to the blinding pink color and the 5 of us actually picked out the same dress! she insisted 2 of them get a different one so we then had to change the order of everything, but you're so right... it's cute & fun and makes for a prettier overall party :) love the yellow btw, it seems so suiting for you and mason. bright, bold & cheery! i love it and can't wait to see pictures.