April 1, 2010

Wishing It Could Last Forever

While checking out what's new on my favorite wedding blogs, I came across these images (and the one above) from a beautiful New Zealand wedding, and suddenly, I was struck by a true feeling of panic. Not the kind of panic that comes from having too many things to do or feeling behind or overwhelmed, but the kind of panic that jolts through you when you realize that something you really, really love will be over soon and there's nothing you can do about it.

I know I have my moments of wishing I could elope to Vegas, but those moments have been few and far between, because underneath it all, I am truly, truly enjoying planning my wedding.

I LOVE thinking of really great ideas, and I LOVE seeing those ideas come to life, and I LOVE daydreaming about what the day will be like, and I LOVE browsing all of the fantastic wedding blogs out there.

Today it suddenlty hit me that I won't always be the bride planning her wedding and that one day (soon - we're talking 3 1/2 months from now), I won't have a real reason to browse wedding blogs and look for ideas. Sure, I can still look, but won't that only make me sad that my one and only wedding day is over?

What do you think? Is this normal pre-wedding behavior? Or is this how wedding planners/coordinators/photographers are born? Because I'm totally critiquing my talents and wondering if there's anything (anything!) I could do that would make fabric flowers and tissue paper poms a part of my everyday... forever.

On that note, I'll leave you all with wishes for a lovely Easter weekend!

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mama bear said...

You can definitely still look at wedding blogs once it's over. There's always ideas that can be used for dinner parties, birthday etc... and you never know – maybe you can renew your vowels every year with a mini ceremony?!