March 31, 2010


I have fallen in love with a word - and a place - and an idea: GLAMPING! Glamping, or glamorous camping, is camping done in tents that aren't really tents but fantastic, gorgeous rooms made of fabric with comfy beds and china and gourmet food. For a girl who loves glamour and camping, I'm thinking glamping was made for me.

After perusing a few glamping sites to learn a little more about this amazing idea, I ran across The Martyn House, a glamping destination in Georgia. When I read that you can rent it out for only $1500 for an entire weekend (and for a wedding), my heart dropped a little in my chest, and then, when I saw these pictures - I nearly fainted from the cuteness.

There's no way I can do a destination wedding (my family is WAY too big and doesn't travel easily), but if I could, I would do it at The Martyn House, hands down. I love this place more than words can say (and I'm totally putting it on next year's birthday list).

If you want more pictures (check out the tents!), click here.

Let me know if this place has the same effect on you as it did on me!

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