April 14, 2010


I know it's normal to "nest" before you have a baby, but what about "nesting" before a wedding? Because Mason and I are waiting until we tie the knot to move in together, I find myself getting really, really excited about decorating our first place (which actually might turn out to be my current place minus my sister - but still, it'll be "our" first).

In my younger days, I had a serious thing for bright, bright colors (I'm talking pink walls here), but nowadays, I find myself turning to grey over and over again. I like the way a room looks when a cool grey is mixed with pops of color here and there. I'm thinking grey bedding with brown walls, grey walls with orange pillows, green walls with grey rugs - the options are endless!

In fact, I'm thinking I may need to subscribe to a good home decor magazine - or better yet, find some really great home decorating blogs! If you know of any, send them my way.

(And totally loving the pillows above, by the way - ran into those on Etsy - my newest obsession.)

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Jenn ravey said...

Please please please buy the domino decorating book. You can get it off the anyhropologie website. So great.