May 17, 2010

4 Down, 2 To Go

We are officially at the two month mark, and I have fully realized that my engagement is nothing like the ones I've seen in the movies. Don't get me wrong, there have been plenty of fun times and excited planning, but there have also been plenty of crazy emotions wrecking havoc in my (and Mason's) day-to-day.

Until this weekend, I had seriously started to believe I was going crazy (and I'm sure Mason would agree), but thankfully, that was only until I got my hands on Sheryl Nissinen's "The Conscious Bride." This book has seriously saved my sanity.

I'm only two chapters in, but I already know that I'm not the only bride-to-be who's been plagued by completely irrational fears, scared by the level of commitment she's about to make and a little sad about the way it will change her life (all while being completely in love with her fiance).

Nissinen, a pre-marriage counselor and psychologist, points out that just like any major life transition, the transition into marriage is a BIG deal and emotions like fear, anger, doubt, and even depression are just as common as happiness, joy, elation and excitement. She encourages future brides to work through each of the different emotions coursing through them during the engagement period - the good and the bad - keeping in mind that it's all just part of the process.

Her words and the quotes from other women are the breath of fresh air I've so badly needed (because like I always say, sometimes just knowing that your feelings are "normal" is all you really need).

Four months down - two more to go...


Heidi Jean said...

It's refreshing to hear somebody in our age group talk about the seriousness of marriage and the reality that it is a life changing moment all to often people think marriage is puppy kisses and rainbows, but the reality is it's hard work and it's for the rest of your life. You and Mason will be just as great together married as you are an unmarried couple. There will be the good, the bad, the really good and the really bad, but all you need is your faith and as I like to say, everything happens for a reason and I'm a firm believer in that! Keep Calm and Marry On! :)

Reese-E said...

Thanks, Heidi! This made me smile, and you're totally right - about all of it. Thanks for the wise words. :)