July 13, 2010

To-Dos Done

Wow, I can't believe how crazy this past week has been. On top of a million to-dos, one of my bridesmaids was also visiting for the first time so we showed her the town in between all of the shopping and packing and last minute planning. Below are some photos from our adventures.

Now that we're only 3 days from the big event, I've just about completed my list, and I'm heading to Texas tonight feeling good and ready for some FUN.

Since I'll most likely be away from this space for a little while, I wanted to leave you with an update on the wedding website that I mentioned here. I'm so proud of this little site and all the info it has on it.

Feel free to check it out for yourself if you want a little peak into all that I'll be up to over the next two and a half weeks.

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