August 3, 2010

Rested, Relaxed & Married!

Wow, I can't believe it's all over - what a GREAT two and a half weeks it's been! The good news is: I'm married! The bad news is: It's going to take me just a little while to get caught up on everything and back to regular posting.

I want so badly to show you pictures of the wedding and the honeymoon and the reception and all of our little adventures in between, but there are more important things I must focus on at the moment - like unpacking and laundry and groceries. (Boooo.)

But I'm not going to leave you totally empty-handed. If you haven't heard me mention the blog, Habit, before, let me just say that it is my very, very most favorite blog in the whole wide world. Seriously.

It's normally made up of two or three guest bloggers each month who post a photo and a few words about their day, but for the month of July, they opened it up to all of their readers by creating a Flickr group for people to upload to. From there, they chose a few photos from each day and posted them to the blog.

I'm so honored to say that one of my photos made it onto July 1st's post. You can check it out here. And if you have a few extra minutes, I beg you to browse through the entire month. You won't be disappointed. The photos and words from July were fantastic, and getting the chance to peak into someone else's life for a tiny moment is always unforgettable.

Until all the laundry is done...


alisha said...

so...did you walk to 'Soul Sister'? Congratulations on the wedding and on getting a pic on that was a very cool pic and description. Looking forward to your blogging again and cant wait to hear/see about the wedding. A friend of mine just asked me to be her maid of honor excited!

Reese-E said...

I did walk to Soul Sister! And it was great! Now every time I hear that song I get a little teary - so sad that it's all over. :)

Congrats on being an MOH! Let the fun begin!