September 9, 2010

Cheap, but Chic

As most of you know, Mason and I are in the midst of redecorating our apartment, and being the bargain-hunter that I am, I'm having fun making sure we get the most for our money (and remaining wedding gift cards). Most recently, I've been searching for a large, affordable area rug for our bedroom - they key word being affordable, since most large rugs (we're talking at least 10' x 9') cost a pretty penny - and just when I was starting to get frustrated (even Ikea was failing me!), I stumbled on what has now become my new obsession:

If you've never checked it out, do it. Now! I don't want to sound like an advertisement, but they really do have tons of great products at close out prices. Once I had browsed the rugs (such cute, affordable rugs!), I headed over to throw pillows and was completely impressed. In other words, if you love chic, Jonathan Adler-esque style, but don't love the price, look no further than the O. Don't believe it? Let me illustrate:

I could get one of these Jonathan Adler Wool Fruit pillows for $98 - $178 each.


Or I could get one of these very similar Fruit Embroidered pillows for $21.99 on


Still not persuaded? Here we go again:

I could get one of these Jonathan Adler Graphic pillows for $98 each.


Or I could get one of these very similar Under The Sea pillows for $20.09 on (And I could even throw in a crab or two if I was into that sort of thing.)


I'm serious, people - the O is where it's at. (And I'm totally coveting that banana pillow, or maybe the pear.)

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