September 7, 2010

Lazy Labor Days

2010-089-07 014
2010-089-07 019
2010-089-07 011
2010-089-07 009

Our Labor Day weekend turned out to be a pretty relaxing one. Our new bedroom furniture was delivered on Sunday, and honestly, sleeping in it feels like sleeping in a little slice of heaven. Suffice it to say there were many, many naps (and plans for many, many more). We also watched some football and feasted on barbecue from our favorite spot. (Seemed only right with it being the last summer holiday and all.)

Also, as you might have guessed from the photos above, there were plenty of adventures during our weekend as a two-cat household. Little Maximillian has endless amounts of energy, and Cajun prefers to spend most of his days lounging, but I think they managed a pretty fair compromise for the most part. Mason and I had a blast watching them play (and I tried not to take too many cat pictures).

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