October 1, 2010

Fall Fun

2010-10-01 005
2010-10-01 003

It's October, and fall has officially arrived at my house. Pumpkin spice candles are in the air, sunflowers are on the table, dark beers are in our bellies and football is on the TV (all. week. long.). So, in the spirit of all things fall, I thought I'd post a little list with some of the fall things I'm loving these days (I'm calling it my Fall Fun List).

This Fall I'm loving:

  • Watching through photos as Soule Mama and her family fix up their new farmhouse

  • Sipping Sam Adams Oktoberfest from frosty glasses

  • Reading other people's fall lists

  • Giving my new leather leggings and red lipstick a spin (but not together, lest I look like some sort of biker chick)

  • Planning for Halloween (and considering going as a biker chick)

  • Flying back home for football games

  • Sleeping with socks on (although this one has been put on pause thanks to the recent LA heat wave)

  • Burning pumpkin spice candles in Mason jars

  • Brainstorming for our Thanksgiving tablescape

  • Singing along to Pat Green mix CDs

  • Painting my nails all shades of purple
  • Trying my hand at Crockpot cooking

Wishing you a great weekend (and a happy October)!

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