October 28, 2010

Fall Leaf Garland

This year will be my third year hosting Thanksgiving, and I'm always so excited to plan the tablescape. When I scored a few packs of fabric leaves in the Target $1 section, I immediately thought about turning them into some sort of garland as part of my Thanksgiving decor. This past weekend I spread out my leaves and got creative, and I'm happy to report that my fall leaf garland was a (totally cute) success.

Fall Leaf Garland How-To:

To make this fall leaf garland, you'll need ribbon, thread and fabric leaves (you can either buy these or make them yourself).

2010-10-25 052

Start by threading your needle and sewing through the leaves, arranging them with desired space in between. When you're done, make a knot at the end.

2010-10-25 054

Next you'll need to sew a bit of ribbon on the end for hanging since the thread isn't quite sturdy enough. Once you've got your ribbon on, you're ready to hang!

I chose to make 6 little mini garlands and hang them in strips from our dining room lights so that they frame the center of the table sort of like a leaf chandelier, but you could also make it longer and hang as a traditional garland.

2010-10-25 059
2010-10-25 060

Now on to the rest of the table decorations...


alisha said...

I saw those same fabric leaves in the $1 rack at the Anchorage, Alaska Target. Funny. Love what you did with them.

Charisse said...

That's too funny, Alisha! I LOVE the $1 rack at Target - that's always my first stop!