October 7, 2010

Poladroid (& Honeymoon Pics!)

I was browsing online recently, looking for something that would make my digital photos look like Polaroids, when I stumbled upon this (and sort of went Poladroid crazy).

You can download the Beta version of Poladroid for free, and the way it works is so cute. When you open it, a little Polaroid camera pops up on your screen with a blank photo sliding out of it. You then drag your digital photo into the blank photo and a new photo pops up and starts developing. You can "shake" the photo using your mouse as it develops (classic Polaroid style), and you can also save versions of your photo as it develops, making it easy to control the color tones and get the look you want. (I have noticed a few bugs, but it is the Beta version - and the final product totally makes up for it.)

I'm telling you, this thing is cooler than sliced bread, and to prove it, I thought I'd show off a few of our honeymoon photos after some Poladroid magic....

My Pictures4
My Pictures5
My Pictures3
My Pictures2
Screen Captures5
Screen Captures4

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