November 18, 2010

Holiday Card Garland & Bayou Fun

Urban Outfitters Card Banner

Given my love for any sort of banner/bunting/garland, it's really no surprise that I adore this idea for stringing holiday cards (photo above from the latest Urban Outfitters catalog). Mason actually saw it and suggested we copy - I wholeheartedly agreed. (By the way, did you know that "wholeheartedly" was all one word? Because I didn't until I typed it and used my trusty spell checker. English lesson for the day!)

Also, for those of you who aren't from the Southeast Texas area (that wonderful place where I was born and raised) and want to learn a little about it's swampy goodness, check this out. The Daytripper is a fun little TV show all about day trips, produced and hosted by my fellow PNG High School class of '99 alumn, Chet Garner. I particularly like the part about the gators and the crawfish. That's how we get down on the bayou, sha.


Anonymous said...

I always do this with my cards! My dining room/library (one day) is where I go all out with bright red and green (sort of Dr. Seuss), and I have a card garland. I cannot wait to start decorating, but I am forcing myself to wait until Thanksgiving.

Charisse said...

Jennifer - you are so crafty! I saw pics of your house on FB from last Christmas and it looked great! I can't wait to try the card garland this year!