December 22, 2010

M&C Christmas 2010

M&C Christmas 2010

Because we've never been together on the actual day of Christmas, Mason and I have always done our own gift exchange a few days early. This year, even though we'll be together on the 25th, we decided to keep the tradition since it's a fun time for just the two of us (and much easier than transporting all of our gifts from CA to TX). So, last night we headed out for pizza and beer and then back home for presents.

Photos above from the night - and I gotta say, I really love this guy. Remember this and these and this and this from my wish list? They're now sitting happily in my apartment. (It's almost like I have my own personal Santa Claus!)

(And just in case you're wondering, I got him this and a few of these and this and this and this.)

Another great M&C Christmas in the books!

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