January 3, 2011

A Little Christmas Vacation

According to my sister (and possibly the only person who reads my blog on a daily basis), a week is entirely too long to go without posting something here, and I had better make up for it now that I'm back from my little Christmas vacation.

So, I'm baaaack - and I'm posting (are you happy, Brianne??), and I've got quite a few photos from our little vacay. Suffice it to say the break was fantastic and filled with all sorts of holiday fun and road trip fun and live music fun and fireworks fun.

Christmas Eve
Headed to church on Christmas Eve - remember my outfit inspiration from here? What do ya think, eh?
Christmas Festivities
My mom is serious about decking the halls (we're talking a tree in every room) - and she makes a mean homemade donut. Fun With the Kinect
Looking for some family fun? Get a Kinect. Endless entertainment (and photo ops).
After seeing a hundred Bucee's signs on our way to San Antonio, we couldn't not stop. Jerky, taffy, brittle, tacos, pecans, barbecue. If they don't have it, it doesn't exist.
Ritas on the Riverwalk
Best place to find shelter if you arrive in San Antonio when it's raining cats and dogs? Why, a margarita bar, of course!
The Alamo
A little history lesson never hurt anyone. "Remember the Alamo!"
San Antonio Riverwalk
The Riverwalk + The Alamo Bowl = lots and lots of orange-clad Oklahoma State fans and the occasional spontaneous singing of fight songs.
The Josh Abbott Band
A picture with Josh Abbott?! Highlight of the entire trip. When Mason said we came all the way from California for the show, he really was only half-way joking. (I'm not sure my smile could get any bigger.)Fireworks!
Do all men turn into 10 year olds in fireworks stores? I do believe so. New Year's Celebrations
Giant sparklers, cabbage (for money) and black eyed peas (for good luck) - that's how we do it in the South. (Mason forced me to eat so much cabbage that I was seriously about to burst. Let's sure hope that stomach ache pays off for us this year - if not, I'm giving him a giant wedgie.)


Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

Look like loads of fun! :D Happy New Year!


P.S: I'm giving away a 2011 Fashion Tote with MiuMiu, Chanel... etc illustration... I thought you might be interested! ;)

Brianne said...

Thanks for posting more for me! I'm in online advertising for one of the most recognized brands so you should listen to me when i give you tips to increase your traffic, missy. :)


love the pics from christmas and that cabbage actually looks appetizing!

Miyan said...

Are you from San Antonio?? I am from Dallas and went to school in San Marcos. I love finding other Texas bloggers, or at least seeing other bloggers photos of places in TX!!! =)



Charisse said...

Miyan - I'm from the Houston area, and when we were home for Christmas this year, we took a little road trip to San Antonio. SUCH a cute place! So fun to hear you're from TX, too!