January 4, 2011


New Year Fireworks

I know, I know - everyone is doing it - but what can I say, I'm a follower - and seriously, how can you start off the new year without posting your resolutions? It's not possible. So, these are mine:

1. Stand. Up. Straight. (I have bad posture. I know it. And I hate it. I read somewhere that strengthening my stomach muscles might help. Hello, Pilates!)

2. Start and stick to a bedtime routine of: taking out contacts, taking off make-up, washing face, moisturizing face, brushing teeth, flossing teeth (Because my current bedtime routine is more like: pull on sweats, turn off lamp, zzzzz.)

3. Take a CPR/First Aid Class (Seeing someone choke and someone else have a heart attack in the same week will make you a little paranoid - better to be safe than sorry.)

What about you? Got anything interesting on your list? If so, do tell!

(P.S. - Weren't our fireworks so pretty?)


Anonymous said...

I also have in mind to give my self a night-time routine and stick to it. I'm so bad to my face :{ I hope yours work. Sweet blog!


Charisse said...

Good luck with yours, too! It's haaard. Last night I asked my husband if it's ok to skip the nighttime routine on weekends - haha!