March 4, 2011

Mardi Gras Fun

Mardi Gras Package
Mardi Gras PackageMardi Gras Package

Down in the part of Texas where I'm from, this weekend is going to be ca-razy! Why? Because it's Mardi Gras! No, it's not in Louisiana, but it's only a few minutes from the border, and let me tell ya, those Southeast Texans sure know how to do Mardi Gras up right - beads, parades, cajun music and all!

My mom sent Mason and I a fun Mardi Gras package with the goodies above a couple days ago so we could take part in the festivities. The first thing I did after opening the box? Ate a gigantic piece of King Cake! (For those that don't know - the little plastic baby is part of the tradition. If you get it in your piece of cake, you're supposed to buy the cake the next year. You can read more about the baby and King Cakes here if you're interested.)

And, as it turns out, Los Angeles isn't completely lacking in the Mardi Gras department. After a little research, I found a celebration in Long Beach that looks promising. We're planning to head down and check it out tomorrow - if only so we can wear some of our new beads!

Have a great weekend, and "Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!"

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