March 3, 2011

To Ombre or Not To Ombre

Ombre Hair

To ombre or not to ombre? I can't decide. I like it on her but don't love it on her. Maybe I only like it when the very end is light? The ladies above look nice with it, but I'm pretty sure they'd look nice with shaved heads.

Hmmm... Don't think I'm going to be jumping on this bandwagon anytime soon.

What about you? Thoughts?


natasha said...

have you been watching this season of 90210? I like the look on Annie, I think it looks best when there aren't bangs involved (I think it's too harsh) and that's why I haven't jumped on the bandwagon.

Charisse said...

Oooooh, maybe it is the bangs that make me not like it! Good point... And no, I haven't been watching this season - I need to, though - love that show.

Ape Chandler said...

I like it & would love to try it!