March 2, 2011

V-Day Shirt Gone Bad

Shirt Re-do

WARNING: It's about to get crafty up in here!

Over the next couple of days, I'll be sharing some craft projects I've been working on - starting with this Valentine's Day shirt gone bad. (Sorry for the lousy photos - the light just wasn't working with me that day.)

Not long after I decided to get a new shirt for V-day, I stumbled upon this red iron-on glitter heart at Joann's. Imagine my delight. (I love glitter!) One trip to Old Navy for a striped tee later, and I was super excited about my little V-day project. That is, until the iron went and mutilated my precious little glitter heart. I'm not sure what caused it. It may have been my ironing skills - or my iron (I'm blaming the iron) - but after that the shirt was pretty much ruined. I shed a tear or two (I'm telling you - I was really excited about this project), and prepared myself to throw it all in the trash.

But wait! I had a few spools of ribbon lying around. I wondered if I might sew something over the melted heart to try and save the shirt. I gave it a go - and by golly, it worked!

It may not be the cutest shirt in the world, but at least I didn't have to toss it and I got a little sewing machine practice in along the way. *Patting myself on the back* Aren't you proud??

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