April 25, 2011

Weekend Photo Love: 4/23

4/22/11 Weekend
4/22/11 Weekend

Guess what I got for Easter.... AN IPHONE!!

Can you even believe it?? Because I can't! This is a straight-up flip-phone kind of girl right here, I tell ya. But I guess all of Mason's coercing finally worked on me because Saturday morning found us at the Verizon store, and Saturday afternoon found me downloading every single photography app known to man. (The photos above were created with Instagram - and it's freeeeeee!)

I'm telling you, my world has changed, people. I never believed it was true, but you really can love a cell phone. A lot.

And now that I've joined the modern world, I'm thinking of starting a new Monday tradition (sort of stolen from this pretty lady) where I share little photo snippets of my weekend captured on my beloved iPhone. What do you think? Can you dig?

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