April 27, 2011

Operation Bikini Bod

iPhone Love

The weather in LA is beautiful this week! Summer is 'a coming, my friends - it's 'a coming - and you know what that means: It's time to get serious about Operation Bikini Bod.

Which is why I drug my lazy butt to the gym last night. It's a new gym (thanks to the new job), and in the spirit of all things new, I decided to take a class. Body Works. And boy did it work my body. When I wasn't tripping over my little step thingy majig, I was sweating. A lot. More than any normal person - and anyone else in the class - was/should be sweating. (Embarassing!) But I guess that's a good thing? We shall see...

(A couple more totally unrelated iPhone photos above. Seriously love that thing.)

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