May 26, 2011

Fuchsia Fever

Fuchsia Fever
(Photos via The Daybook)

Hello, hello! Yes, I'm still alive. (In case you were worried, which would be super sweet.) This week has been ca-razy, and I don't know how it's already Thursday - but I'm completely thrilled that it is because we're headed to Texas tomorrow for three days of sun, fun and crawfish. I promise many, MANY photos from the weekend (pinky swear), and I promise to be here a lot more next week (double pinky swear).

One of the things on my mile-long to-do list this week was renewing my passport (yes, there's a fun trip in our future!), and while the paperwork is super annoying, it did bring me to Walgreen's where I had to wait for ten minutes to get my new passport photo, which meant I had plenty of time to hunt for Sydney's amazingly hot pink lipstick (pictured above).

It took a little searching, but I'm happy to report that Fuchsia Fever is now mine! And it's on my lips. And someone just told me I look like Barbie. (And I'm totally taking that as a compliment.)

I hope your Memorial Day weekend is fabulous!

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