May 9, 2011

Weekend Photo Love: 5/7

5/7/11 Weekend
5/7/11 Weekend

This weekend was a laaaaazy one - just the kind I wanted. On Friday night, we went out with some good friends of ours who just got engaged. I had forgotten how fun celebrating engagements is. (I'm such a sucker for a good proposal story.)

After that, the rest of our weekend was full of sleeping in, catching up on blogs and TV (Oh, how I love my DVR!) and eating, of course.

More photos from my Nashville trip coming up tomorrow! (Be excited. Be very excited.)

P.S. - You know how I'm completely in love with the Instagram app for iPhone? I'm now also completely in love with the fact that I can turn my Instagram photos into a physical photo album one day. Best. Thing. Ever.

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picky girl said...

I finally, FINALLY got the Instagram app on my iPhone and love it. Just posted pics on my blog today with it. So so cool.

Makes everything look better. Glad you had a good weekend.