July 13, 2011

Number 13

Can be crossed off the list! I can't even believe it's already been one year since we got married. What a crazy, whirlwind year it's been, during which I learned that Mason owns more shoes than a girl, has a strange love of paper towels and likes to put Sriracha on everything he eats (and swears it's not because he hates my cooking). And Mason learned that I take realllllyyy long showers, like getting the mail and obsessively check to make sure the stove is off every time I leave the house. Marriage is a fun - and funny - thing, and twelve months in, I'd say we're doing pret-ty darn fantastic.

Sunday is our actual anniversary (and we'll be celebrating with dinner out in Paris!), but we decided to taste a piece of our year-old, frozen wedding cake last night before the trip. (Thanks again to my amazing parents for overnighting it to us!)

The tasting started out good. Awwww, how romantic. Our cake. From our wedding. Such sweet memories...

One Year Wedding Cake

And then....BAM. Cake explosion. On my face.

One Year Wedding Cake

He said he'd been wanting to do that since the wedding. I said it's a good thing he didn't do it at the wedding or we might not be sitting here twelve months later. (I kid.. sort of.)

But seriously, Happy Happy Anniversary to US!

Mason, I love you more now than I did a year ago, and I'm looking so forward to the second year of this crazy adventure. (xoxoxo!)

And now - Paris, here we come!

(I'll be back to regular posting the week of July 25th - Try not to miss me too much!)

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