August 13, 2010

29 Things To Do Before I Turn 30

1. Change my last name done
2. Sweat through some Bikram Yoga
3. Host a Mexican fiesta done
4. Eat a famous hot dog done
5. Play a game of gin with Suava
6. Take a dip in the ocean
7. Make some serious progress on the photo albums
8. Go rollerblading with Mason done
9. Make two new fondues done
10. Take a class at the Urban Craft Center
11. Reminisce at Big Wang’s done
12. Start my own Etsy shop
13. Celebrate the first year with frozen cake done
14. Play chess on the Santa Monica tables done
15. Jog on the beach
16. Learn about the Ice Age done
17. Browse for new records done
18. Start saving for a fancy camera
19. Float the river
20. Sew something for the apartment done
21. Learn at least one new line dance (possibly this one)
22. Take Brianne to The Parker
23. Have Sunday brunch with a side of Gospel
24. Update my list of favorite blogs done
25. Purchase my very first Jonathan Adler piece done
26. Write Mason a love note done
27. Get some new house plants – and keep them alive done
28. Cheer on the Coug’s at a home game done
29. Celebrate my 29th at Cowboy Country (since I didn’t make it for my 28th) done

*If you see a few repeats from last year, it's because I just couldn't give them up. I'll do them this year. Oh yes, I will.

*Click here to see last year's list.


alisha said...

I like numbers 1, 13, and 26...congratulations again on married bliss!!!

Sam said...

Your list is amazing!

Bikram Yoga is mental. I nearly passed out and vomitted at the same time, driving home after my 1st class! Hehe

Rollerblading rules. I still have my blades in my wardrobe somewhere!

Good luck with your list!


alisha said...

I love the way you have them crossed out after completing do you do that?