February 8, 2011

Number 17


Can be crossed off the list. After our hot dogs at Pink's, we wondered over to Amoeba Music for some record browsing, and holy cow - the records! So. Many. Records. We were in heaven, especially when we snagged Merle Haggard's "Back to Barrooms" for $4.99 and Eric Clapton's "Greatest Hits" for $1.99. Then, right before we left, Kate Micucci from Raising Hope surprised everyone with a performance on the Amoeba stage. Talk about icing on the cake, people. Two celebrity sightings in one day (Harvey totally counts) makes for a great little trip to Hollywood.

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2011-02-07 039ed2
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2011-02-07 042ed
2011-02-07 062ed

Still more birthday list fun coming up tomorrow!

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Ape Chandler said...

Haha! Love that last photo!