February 7, 2011

Number 4

2011-02-07 014ed

Can be crossed off the list. We waited in line for an hour - an hour - for a hot dog - but just when I was getting antsy, a TMZ camera crew showed up to interview the owner of Pink's. Getting to see Harvey Levin in person totally made up for the wait (well, that plus the onion rings on top of my "Lord of the Rings" Dog - yummmmm).

2011-02-07 031
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Check back tomorrow for more fun from the birthday list!


[Good Mum Hunting] said...

I would wait an hour for that hotdog too....Um, YUM!

Ape Chandler said...

diWow. That lady serving up the hot dogs is not afraid to get dirty!
What a fun place!

natasha said...

I had a client at the school behind Pink's a few years ago. I'd stop by Pink's when I left the school more than I'd like to admit ... There was BARELY a line at 11:30 in the morning, that's totally reason enough to eat a giant Pink's hot dog at that time of the day, right?