February 4, 2011

A Survival Plan

My Brianney

This weekend will be the first weekend since my sister drove herself aaaallll the way back to Texas (on a fantastic little roadtrip that totally included a stop in Luckenbach - *jealous*), and I'm a little bit nervous about my emotional state without her nearby for some Saturday/Sunday fun. By the way, that's her above - don't you just miss her, even though you don't know her? No? Ok, moving on - so, in an effort to make it through my first weekend sans sister, I present to you:

The First Weekend - A Survival Plan
#1 - Devote oneself whole-heartedly to scratching items off the birthday list
#2 - Throw an epic Super Bowl party
#3 - Sew the curtain for the kitchen window. I repeat, finally sew the curtain for the kitchen window.
#4 - Eat too much chocolate
#5 - Drink too much wine.

And that, my friends, is my plan for surviving the weekend with no (a few) tears. Wish me luck!


Brianne said...

do i have cleavage in this picture?!

p.s. -- i have to figure out my survival plan too. it will mostly likely consist of drinking too much st. a's.


alisha said...

Good luck!