September 14, 2011

B+A Wedding Inspiration

You may have noticed the recent addition of some of my favorite wedding blogs back into the "My Faves" section on the right. In case you're wondering - no, I am not getting married again (although I am always trying to convince Mason to go all Seal/Heidi and have a wedding every year because that would be a blast) - but my sister is! (Congrats again to Brianne and Andy!)

I don't even think I need to explain how excited I am for my sister, especially since she's asked me to help with all of the planning. The first thing I did was start a Pinterest board dedicated to all things 'B+A Wedding.' (You can see the whole board here.) Above are a few of the things I've pinned lately. So far, they're thinking food trucks, outdoor reception, strands and strands of lights, bohemian chic, loads of color, good beer, good music and only the very best of friends and closest family. Sounds like the perfect celebration to me!


monica.robichau said...

Hi Charisse, my name is monica. I work with Andy! This posts looks great. It seems like Its exactly what they want! Or what Andy has talked about at least! Keep on posting ideas, I'm totally into this stuff!!

Charisse said...

Hey Monica! I'm glad you think it looks just like what they want! I'll definitely keep posting inspiration as I see it. :) I love weddings so there will be lots of wedding posts coming up. If you think of any ideas or see anything you think would fit, let me know!